domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

I am from the land of green valleys
from the soil and the sea
I am from the coast of a great ocean
and mountains caressed by a soft breeze.

I’m from the courageous descendants of Bolivar
                                                 and the brave descendants of the Incas
The oppression and the slavery of the Spaniards
I’m from the battles, its victories and its defeats

I’m from the place where dreams are worthwhile.
 Guayasamin’s homeland
I’m from Jaramillo’s greatest songs and poems
 the heart of their native soil.

I’m from tropical and folk rhythms
 la marimba and el pasillo
danced and heard in traditional festivals
I’m from the colorful suits remembering my ancestors
Mis raices “ my roots” , mi sangre “my blood”
The Spaniards,  The Indians

I am from the fine aroma and species
the land of cacao,  and coffee
The struggle of the weakest and the power of the rich
I am from the needy and the opulent
I am from the brave and just, the unjust and the fear. 

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